Try the Kiosks of Lisbon for afternoon drinks and refreshments

quiosque-estrelaWho said you have to go to Paris for a little bit of people watching? Street life is Portuguese life, we enjoy the small pleasures of our pavement cafés. It’s one of the ways we love to spend our free time and as our weather permits, we use our kiosks (pavement cafés) all year around. Traditional little kiosks serving food and drinks and often enough with beautiful views …over Lisbon; of the ocean or the even rooftop landscapes give an excellent opportunity for visitors to live like a local.

You’ll find us there in the morning having delicious breakfast pastries from “pao de deus” (it has a toasted coconut topping and can be eaten plain or with a little butter and a slice of cheese) to the traditional “pastel de nata”. It’s heavenly!

At lunch time you can often get a light meal of sandwiches or “salgadas” (savoury snacks) and at the end of the day you can break out the sangria or a cold beer and do a little people watching. Have a look at the Lisbon Lux articles to find out where Lisbon’s best 30 are located.

In Cascais you have one right in the center near the park Visconde de Luz and another in the Parque Marechal Carmona


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