Why so many are choosing Portugal!

Thinking of Investing In Portugal???

Considering investing in Portugal or just adding it to your list of holiday destinations..

The Lisbon district of Portugal, particularly Cascais seems to be the IT place to be. With 2014 drawing to a close it is now a good time for us Property Managers in the tourism sector to consider our future for 2015… and we have reason to be hopeful!

The boom in investment in Cascais over 2014 will hopefully continue into 2015 and the introduction of programmes such as the Golden Visa Scheme has opened up the playing field, putting Portugal on the map and bringing foreign interest to our doorstep.

The changing property market is not however the only reason for Lisbon’s Hot Spot of activity. The culture, night life and general Mediterranean vibe has a lot to offer and even now in the winter months several other languages are being spoken in the cafes, bars and restaurants, bar Portuguese.

Tourism in Lisbon has appears to have turned a corner and foreign investment is happening fast as Chinese, South Africans and several other nationalities come over to buy their share of the capital and it’s surrounding suburbs.

If you are interested in looking at how you can invest in Portugal check out the Golden Visa scheme and the Property Market. Alternatively if your waiting to come on holiday and experience the buzz for yourself before investing, visit Portugal Portfolio for excellent holiday accommodation deals.


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